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Appliance repair Victoria BC is the leading service and repair specialist for all brands of home appliances. We service, repair and offer spare parts for Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Oven, Garbage Disposal, Cooktop, Dishwasher, and HVAC systems for all of Victoria BC.

Our trained and experienced appliance repair technicians are proficient in the repair of all major brands of household appliances. We aim to provide a professional and timely appliance repair service to our customers, as we know the tiresomeness of these modern-day essentials. Our robust reputation in the appliance repair sector has gained us loyal and long-term clients. 

We are proud to provide our clients with a “there when you need it” method to their appliance repairs. That includes weekdays and weekends. Our team will work with you to offer a period, which works with your life and will offer you a call thirty minutes before we arrive. This is perfect if you need to run errands, head to work or just have noticed on when we’ll be arriving.


Below are some of the appliance repair services you can get from our team:

washer repair near me

Washer Repair

Washers are known for having incompatibilities. Often, your level of tolerance might surpass to a level where you’ll think whether to repair or replace it with a brand new. That’s when you’re fed up with technical problems.

dryer repair near me

Dryer Repair

Our team happily and humbly take care of repairs on all models and makes of dryers. Before you spend thousands of your hard-earned money to buy a new dryer, you might like to know if it can be fixed for much less. 

With years of diagnosing and restoring appliances, we are your top choice in the service repair business. Our team in the technical department are trained and qualified to perform these repairs.

refrigerator repair service victoria
Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is one of the home appliances that run incessantly. Given how robust this appliance works, it is surprising that it doesn’t break down often. However, when it does, you don’t need to invest in buying a new one. Give our team a call today, and you might be thrilled to learn how simple it is for us to fix your appliance.

oven repair service near me
Oven Repair

We have the capacity and expertise to repair all models and makes of ovens. It is our job to understand every model of oven available in the market. Whether they are induction, electrical or gas, we will repair them. Leave all the diagnosis and repair task to our appliance repair experts.

garbage disposal repair service victoria
Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal appliance is one of those hard-working home appliances, which take the stress out of mealtime clean up. Foods that are too tough, too solid or too firm cause your garbage disposal unit to stop slowly. The common cause of a broken unit is when you try grinding the wrong food. Trained and experienced plumbers are the ones qualified to manage garbage disposal repair because of the danger for injury to your fingers and hands. 

Call our team of appliance repair specialists today for your entire on-the-spot repair. Call our Victoria,BC appliance repair team today to talk about your garbage disposal options.

cooktop repair victoria
Cook Top Repair

If your cook-top is broken, cooking in your home can be very hard. However, you don’t need to encounter the problem, give the repair task to us. We have a team of a trained and qualified specialist who is only a click and call away. Our appliance repair technicians are licensed and trained to undertake repair work on your cooktop.

dishwasher repair near me victoria
Dishwasher Repair

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dishwasher in his or her kitchen. Nonetheless, if you are and it suddenly breaks, there’s a good chance that you’re going to wait to get it fixed as fast as possible. 

This is where our company can help. We specialize in repairing a wide array of commercial and domestic appliances, including dishwasher repairs. We are on hand to guarantee that your dishwasher is up and working, cleaning your dishes and assisting in ensuring your kitchen is spotless. After all, it’s the main reason why you would’ve purchased one in the first place.

air conditioning repair services victoria
AC & Heating Systems

We know that it could be inconvenient when your AC and Heating Systems stops working and is incapable to cool or heat your home. If your HVAC isn’t cooling, not cooling, leaking and not working anymore, our appliance repair experts could help. We steadily offer quick service to get your HVAC appliance working again. 

Our technician will assess the issue first and will discuss what’s wrong with your appliance. A service technician will offer you the service price and the expenses for parts if it requires replacement. We won’t charge you any extra or hidden fees.


Our mission is to offer superb major household appliance repair. We combine the power of team-oriented and motivated staff with communication and cutting-edge technologies.


Our vision is to serve our clients the manner we expect to be served.


One of the major benefits when you hire our appliance repair Victoria, BC team is that our highly experienced and skilled technicians are locally-based and they could be there when you want them quickly. Every applicant repair expert is fully trained, with long experience across a wide range of appliance models and makes. You can’t just be certain of a high-quality fix when you call us, but you can be certain that your security and safety is taken seriously as well. 

All our team will bring ID for you to see and wear uniforms. They even drive our company vans. That’s all to be certain that you feel comfortable when permitting them into your home or commercial premises.

Their vans are geared with an array of spare parts. That simply means that when a fix or repair is required, there’s a good likelihood that they will have exactly what they require to perform the work. There’s no need for you to wait for a spare part to be ordered and extend the period that you cannot employ your precious appliance. 

Want to know more about our appliance repair Victoria BC services? Get in touch us by calling us to start with a free consultation!